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Spiritualist Medium
Formally I used Tarot cards for my readings, but now I’m much more inclined to use my innate Clairvoyance/Clairaudience gifts…I am a Spiritualist Medium and contact Guides who assist me with readings, I can also communicate with your dead loved ones…A word about time frames: Spirit operates on a plane where time has little relevance. Spirits can move through all times past present and future, therefore it can be difficult to pin down a time frame in our plane. Spirit doesn’t really care about timing, so the times they give me are approximate, sometimes spot-on, other times they are not. Time frames are something I am reluctant to give….patience is the key. The important thing is that most predictions are realized…”Please bear in mind that due to the nature of my connection to Spirit I can only do a certain amount of readings per day, when the link to Spirit starts to weaken, I will go offline until the following day, this assures that you will receive the most accurate reading possible!Payments for readings are considered donations to the Church of Ravenstar.
Rate: US$ 3.50 per minute

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