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Sonia Novick

A certified remote viewer life coach who can literally offer you insights and healings on all aspects of your life with her proficient natural intuitive, qualified capabilities!
Sonia Novick loves what she does as SEER and Certified Life Coach. She was born with a wealth of INTUITIVE, PSYCHIC, REMOTE HEALING, REMOTE VIEWING SKILLS. Doing this work as service to humanity is effortless for her, in supporting those who seek her out and are ready to experience profound transformation in their lives!A certified life coach, who can literally give you insights on all aspects of your life with her natural intuitive, remote viewing skills and life experiences, Sonia Novick can see into matters concerning your financial, relationship, health and wellness,career matters, and much more! And, Sonia goes far above and beyond what would be considered a “conventional” life coaching session, by providing spiritual life coaching, i.e. counseling that gets to the very heart of your matters, centering on exactly who you are at the quantum and soul level.She has possessed the innate skills and talent to assist people in all walks of life she has helped literally thousands including other life coaches for 30 years now, and can peer into your crystal ball and literally see what your destiny holds for you in terms of money, love match, job and career, health and well-being, and help you gain much more clarity and insight into the type of job you should have, person you should be with,
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Sonia Novick
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